CFO in a Box: Wholesaler Consulting Package

Many wholesalers have asked for help with SKU inventory management, gross profit analysis and sales compensation planning.

If this sounds like you, then I’m available to help you, too.

As a CFO for a beer distributor I’ve worked on strategies to grow sales, manage inventory, improve gross profit and enhance sales compensation plans. I’ve handled mergers & acquisitions, bank financing, workers compensation and benefit plans.

I’ve learned a lot, and am sharing this knowledge with the new Beer Business Finance Consulting Package: CFO in a Box.

A full-time CFO will cost $100k or more. The CFO in a Box service is only a fraction of the cost, but includes all the benefits of full access to your very own CFO.

Do you need help tackling a specific project or an ongoing challenge in your beer business? Time to get your very own CFO in a Box.

What’s Included in the CFO in a Box Monthly Consulting Package

  • One-hour kick-off coaching call. We talk through the problem or challenge and create a game plan together to solve it.
  • Two 45-minute coaching calls per month. We will work your problem together until we get the results you want.
  • Unlimited email access to the CFO. Need guidance or help getting un-stuck? Email me your questions, and I respond within 24 hours
  • Subscription to the weekly premium Beer Business Finance newsletter and full access to the Beer Business Finance membership resources. Membership resources include all the courses, guides and tools located in the Beer Business Finance Shop

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Billed monthly until cancelled