How to Improve SKU Management Course + Guide

Inventory is the life blood of a wholesaler. Brands and products help define your identity as a business. However, if not properly managed, these same brands can bury you in expenses.

The Course, Guide and spreadsheet templates will provide guidance and strategy on how to manage your inventory portfolio, monitor your key metrics and trim your un-profitable SKUs so that you can improve profit and cash flow.

The Goal of this Guide: Provide you with ideas + action items so that you can gain control over your beer inventory…and improve operations and cash flow

Below is a quick video overview of the course:


Course Overview

  1. The SKU landscape – then and now – what does your SKU count look like?
  2. Total inventory carrying costs, quantify the problem, fixed + variable, template to capture your costs
  3. The Inventory Scoreboard, Key Metrics
  4. SKU Management Fundamentals: Philosophy + Process
  5. How to identify under-performing SKUs and Fix, Sell or Close

Download Course Materials

  • Presentation Deck
  • SKU Management Guide
  • Inventory Scoreboard Model
  • 80-20 Analysis Template
  • SKU Management Tool

Get the Guide, watch the Course and Improve SKU Management in your Beer Business Today.