3 Favorite Beer Wholesaler Financial Tools

3 Favorite Beer Wholesaler Financial Tools:

Tool #1: The Loan Summary Tracker. To grow in the beer industry you may need to borrow money.  Use this Loan Summary Tracker to organize the loan details. List out the loan amounts, loan terms, interest rates, and collateral for each loan. Do you know the financing details of your current debt? Use the loan tracker and get the answers.

Tool #2: Beer Wholesaler Financing Basics Summary. Bank financing can be confusing with so many odd ball terms like amortization schedules, loan-to-value ratios, and financial covenants.  Learn the basic financing terms, in plain language with this one-pager, Financing Basics for Beer Distributors. Knowledge is power. Get some power over your debt.

Tool #3: Loan Ratio Calculator. Speaking of financial covenants, these are important to measure and monitor on a regular basis. Financial covenants are promises you make to the bank, and it’s important to keep those promises. Two common covenants: Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) and Debt to Net Worth. Use this Loan Ratio Calculator to track and monitor those financial promises in your business.

Use these tools to organize your loans, build your financing strategy and improve financial results in your beer business today.