Ask One Question to Improve Wholesaler Profits

If you’re looking for a new way to improve the bottom line in your beer business, try this out.

Ask one question to your key managers each day: What will you do today to increase profits?

Managers are focused on…managing.

Managing people, managing activities, managing projects.

Ask your managers to manage profits.

Talk with them about profitability, how it’s calculated, and how they can make a difference.

Teach them about financial literacy. The ability to read and understand the financials of the company.

As a bonus question, at the end of the day, ask your key managers this one:

What did you do today to increase profits?

Two simple questions, combined with financial literacy training, can really improve profitability.

Do this next:

  1. Join the Beer Business Finance Association – a network of beer wholesalers focused on how to improve financial results.
  2. Enroll your key managers in the Beer Wholesaler Financial Training Program (course outline here) it’s included with your membership to the association, and available for ALL of your managers.
  3. Ask the One Question every day, and transform the bottom line.