Beer Business Finance Book is Now Available…

This new book is for beer wholesalers who want to improve financial results in their business. It’s also for non-financial owners and managers who recognize they don’t know enough about their business finances, but want to learn more.

Here’s the thing: You understand your business; you know your market, your customers and your products better than anyone. The financial statements are simply the numerical representation of this knowledge. This book will help you make the connection between the business you understand and the financial numbers that measure results.

Maybe you want to reduce out of code beer expenses, gain control over inventory SKUs, or create incentive programs for your sales team to sell more beer. Maybe you want to learn tactics to increase gross profit, reduce operating expenses, and improve cash flow. Or maybe you just want to learn to read the financial statements a little better and understand what they are telling you.

If this sounds familiar, this book is for you. I will share what worked and what didn’t so that you can learn from our successes as well as our failures.

Topics we will cover in detail:

  • Strategies to grow sales in a hyper-competitive market
  • Tools to manage and improve wholesaler gross profit
  • Specific ideas and tactics to reduce operating expenses
  • Templates and spreadsheet models to monitor and improve cash flow and profitability

The ideas and methods presented in the book are the ones I’ve used in the real world to help improve our beer distribution business. I hope they will do the same for you.

Ready to get your copy?  Shoot an email to for details.