One thing that should be in your job description (but probably isn’t)

Job descriptions often leave out the one thing that’s most important: The priority or goal for the position.

The typical job description will list a couple dozen responsibilities without any sense of priority.

What’s most important? The job description should clearly identify the goal for the position.

The priority or goal will define how success will be measured in the role.

When the employer clearly communicates what success looks like, the employee understands what they need to do to excel in the position.

Moreover, the employer gets clear on the goal and priority for the position in order to hire the candidate you actually want.

By way of example, if customer service the single most important skill you want for your position, then hire for excellence in customer service. If you have a dozen bullet points with different duties, the priority gets lost.

A best practice in creating job descriptions is to define the priority and goal of the position. This will establish how success is measured in the role.

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