Out of Code Beer Accountability System

An out of code beer budget brings focus and attention to the problem of out of code beer. Moreover, it gives the sales team a financial incentive to reduce the expense. 

However, incentives alone aren’t enough to reduce out of code beer expenses. An accountability system is needed. 

The out of code accountability system involves these steps:

  • Share old beer expense with the whole company so the size of the problem can be seen and solved
  • Hold regular meetings to review  how many cases of beer were destroyed and how much this costs the company
  • Show the amount of old beer in the prior year and compare the number to the current year
  • Identify where beer goes out of code, and how to work together to reduce the costs

The accountability meetings can include a representative from the sales, delivery, warehouse and admin teams. The review of the numbers will spark debate, discussion and lead to ideas on how to tackle the out of code beer problem.

The meetings are an opportunity to review the Close Code beer process and make sure everyone understands what needs to be done and why. This is the place for changes and improvements based on the collective recommendations.

The sales and delivery teams have the ability to directly affect the product in the market. Ask what additional tools or information they need, and if they understand the package code dates.

The warehouse team and inventory manager oversee the product in the warehouse. Are they rotating the inventory properly? Are they marking the pallets with code dates so it is clear which product should be picked first? Are they properly managing the close code section of the warehouse?

These are all questions to ask in the accountability meetings. 

The process of sharing the numbers, talking about the old beer problem, and engaging everyone in the battle against out of code beer can make a huge difference in managing out of code beer expense.

Use and accountability system to show employees the financial cost of out of code beer. Show the goal to reduce old beer and where the company stands in relation to the goal. Enlist your employees in the effort to reduce the expense – sales, delivery, warehouse and even the admin team can make a difference.

You don’t have to be a victim of old beer expense. Use incentives and accountability to reduce out of code expenses in your beer business today.

Yours In Reducing Out of Code Beer,