3 Financial Reports to Cut Costs

3 Financial Reports to Cut Costs

Each month, I run three financial reports to keep an eye on business costs and identify areas to reduce spending.

  1. Comparative income statement
  2. Monthly income statement
  3. General ledger detail

#1 Comparative income statement

This report shows the increases in costs from one period to the next.

For example, look at January 2024 compared to January 2023 and ask a few questions:

Where are costs increasing?  Why is this happening?  What can we do about it?

#2 Monthly income statement

This report shows cost trends by month.  This can be a useful report to identify any one-time expenses, or unusual activity that is out of pattern.

#3 General ledger detail

Once you identify any large or unusual increases in spending, look up the details in the general ledger.

The general ledger tells you what costs were incurred, who it was paid to and when, and provides a description of the expense.

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