The beer business is a great industry. We get to sample the products, build great relationships with our brewer partners, and deliver a smile along with the beer to our customers.

However, the cost pressures of our business aren’t getting any easier. Every time you turn around there’s a new expense: More merchandisers are needed, trucks need to be replaced, the warehouse needs an expansion to handle all the new SKUs, and the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, you are fighting a constant battle to increase sales and maintain profit margins. Competition has never been more fierce.

My name is Kary Shumway, I’m a Certified Public Accountant and have been working as a CFO in the beer business for the past 15+ years. I’ve had the privilege of making wholesaler acquisitions, structuring bank financing, overseeing strategic planning and conducting financial training.

I have a passion for showing beer distributors how to use financial knowledge to improve cash flow, profits and the value of their business. 

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