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I have a passion for showing beer distributors how to use financial knowledge to improve cash flow, profits and the value of their business.

If you’ve come here looking for ideas and strategies to improve your company’s financial performance, then you’re in the right place – Beer Business Finance is here to help.

My name is Kary Shumway, I’m a Certified Public Accountant and have been working as a CFO in the beer business for the past 15+ years. I’ve had the privilege of making wholesaler acquisitions, structuring bank financing, overseeing strategic planning and conducting financial training.

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BWC Consulting

Kary does an exceptionally fine job of highlighting the issues facing distributors today and with his extensive background, he knows how it impacts the bottom-line of operating a distribution business. I always look forward to reading his updates and continue to learn from his vast depth of real-life expertise.

Bump Williams
BWC Consulting


Over the years, I’ve worked alongside Kary to develop numerous deep dives for Brewbound.com on topics such as understanding taproom-focused business models, and the economics of self-distribution, among others. Kary has a deep understanding of the beer business and his handbook on understanding the financial side of an incredibly complex industry is an excellent resource for anyone interested in operating their wholesale business more profitably.

Chris Furnari, Former Editor

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