Who is this site for?

Beer wholesalers. Owners, executives and anyone else in the company that wants simple, powerful financial tools and intel to improve cash flows, profitability and business performance. We make the complex simple and accessible for all. What good are financial statements that no one can understand? What good is financial guidance that only CPAs can figure out? What good is a bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys without a big bag of greasy fries? No good, that’s what.

Why do I need this? I’m not a finance person.

Ahh, but you are a business person, ergo you are a finance person. Finance is the science of making money. Our site and newsletter is dedicated to showing you how to unlock the magic of finance to create more money, more cash flow, more profit in your business. Don’t leave this to the finance people alone. Subscribe to the newsletter, read up and get in on the action.

How often does the newsletter come out?

Once a week. Gives you time to read one, implement the action items, and see the benefits. Then by the time the next newsletter rolls around you’ll be ready for more finance goodies. Fear of commitment? Click here to sign up for free trial issues of the newsletter.

I don’t have time to read another newsletter – how long is it?

You sound like you’re having a tough day…here’s some good news to cheer you up – you don’t have to read the newsletter to get the benefits, because we will read it to you. That’s right, if you want to listen instead of read, the newsletter is available in audio as well. Just go to iTunes, search Beer Business Finance, and download the episodes to your smartphone or tablet. You can also find all the audio content on the Beer Business Finance Blog.