5 Best Practices to Build Your Wholesaler Financial Plan

Here are 5 Best Practices to help you Build Your Wholesaler Financial Plan:

  1. Timing is everything…Start on time, finish on time
    • Use the budget prep checklist below to set due dates and deadlines. It’s simple, but it works.
  2. Involve the right people in the process
    • High involvement planning leads to high engagement and improved financial results. Include the right people. Transform your bottom line.
  3. Use reliable financial tools and information
    • Use our proven and profitable financial tools, or create your own. Reliable tools and information are the key to a successful plan.
  4. Create an actionable plan…Results are what matter
    • For every material line item in your plan, list out the action steps you will take. What needs to be done, who will do it, how will they do it, and when?
  5. Communicate the plan to those who need to know
    • Don’t hide the plan, share it with those who can truly make a difference in your organization. Your team wants to help. Your financial plan will show them how.

Grab this free tool: Use this Annual Budget Prep Checklist to organize your financial planning process.

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