Podcast: BBF 001 Introduction to Beer Business Finance

bbf3My name is Kary Shumway, and I’m a finance guy. I’ve been in the beer business for over 20 years as a CPA and CFO. I recently launched a newsletter and now a podcast dedicated to showing beer distributors how to use the power of finance to improve their business.

Finance is the science of making money. The Beer Business Finance podcast will teach you how to make more money in your beer business.

Each week we’ll cover a financial tip, tactic or strategy that you can implement right away in your business to improve financial results. We cover topics ranging from how to cut your health insurance expense in half without cutting benefits, to how to create the perfect sales compensation plan.  The content is created for beer distributors, but the information is useful across the beer industry spectrum.

No calculator or abacus required. This is a common sense finance podcast for common sense beer folks. Let’s get started.