Use This Moneyball Approach to Sell More Beer

The Oakland A’s baseball team used data-driven decision-making to build a competitive team despite a limited budget compared to wealthier teams.

This approach came to be known as “Moneyball” and was popularized by author Michael Lewis in his book of the same name.

“Moneyball” explores themes of innovation, data-driven decision-making, and challenging the status quo in the world of sports.

In today’s podcast, Bud Dunn from VxP explains how beer distributors can adopt a moneyball approach to sell more beer.

Key Topics

  • How to move from “subjective” to “objective” selling
  • “Inspire and enroll”…It’s the new command and control
  • Tactics to gain a volume x profit mindset
  • How to avoid easy placements and gain the right placements


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