The #1 Rule of Customer Service

“As long as I listen to my customers, I never need to have another original idea.” – Niel Robertson

The old adage goes that we were created with two ears and one mouth for a reason: To Listen.

The #1 Rule of Customer Service is to listen to the customer, and act on what they say.

Here are a few questions to ask your customers, and a few basic guidelines to follow: Ask the question.  Listen to the response.  Act on what you hear.

  • How can we do better?
  • What do you need that we aren’t providing?
  • What do you like about us and what we do? (Do more of this)
  • What don’t you like?  (Do less of this)

We don’t need to guess, or scramble to create some new sales program. Simply ask the question and listen.

Simple is good. Get back to basics and listen to your customers. The Sales line on your income statement will thank you.