How to Reduce the Cost of Beer Inventory Management

How to Reduce the Cost of Beer Inventory Management

In these days of ever-increasing beer suppliers, brands and packages, a small investment in inventory management can yield a big improvement in cash flow for your business.

To help you improve inventory management and reduce costs, we’ve created the SKU Management Course for Beer Distributors. The normal tuition is $499, but for this week only the course is being offered for just $99.

What’s Included: SKU Management Online Course + Guide

  1. How to measure your total inventory carrying costs. Fixed + variable costs and a template to capture your costs
  2. The Inventory Scoreboard, Key Metrics to improve financial results
  3. SKU Management Fundamentals: Philosophy + Process
  4. How to identify + correct under-performing SKUs

The goal of the online course and guide is to provide you with ideas and action items so that you can gain control over your beer inventory…and improve operations and cash flow.

Save money and grab the course this week for only $99. Click here to learn more.

Yours in SKU Management,