To Grow Beer Sales Ask These Questions

One of the more popular posts on Beer Business Finance is The #1 Rule of Customer Service.

The post introduces an idea that is short and simple: To best serve our customers we need to ask questions.

Traditional sales and customer service is focused on selling the customer. Telling them about the products we have, service we deliver, and why they should buy from us.

But, according to Adam Grant of the Wharton School, research shows that those who ask questions and listen increase revenue more than those with the hard sales pitch.

Ask, don’t sell is the better way to grow beer sales.

So, share this idea with your sales team: To grow beer sales ask questions, and become a consultant or collaborator instead of a sales person.

  • How can we work together to increase your sales?
  • What is the most important thing on your priority list, and how can I help you achieve it?
  • What challenges are you facing in your business, and how might we work together to solve them?

Yours in Asking Questions to Grow Beer Sales,


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